[TYPO3-english] linkvalidator: faulty link not recognised

Jigal van Hemert jigal.van.hemert at typo3.org
Mon Mar 16 23:49:38 CET 2015


On 16/03/2015 23:13, Dennis Hoffland wrote:
> So could this be related to the PHP settings of my hosting provider? As
> I mentioned in my first post:
> In the System environment check in the Install Tool I get:
> Some PHP functions disabled
> disable_functions=escapeshellarg escapeshellcmd exec passthru proc_close
> proc_get_status proc_nice proc_open proc_terminate shell_exec system
> popen pclose
> These function(s) are disabled. TYPO3 uses some of those, so there might
> be trouble.

I'm not sure that linkvalidator needs any of those. exec() is used for 
ImageMagick/GraphicsMagick at least.

> My hosting provider informed me that they won't change the PHP settings,
> because they consider some of the functions above as "unsafe".

Many other providers allow those functions without any problems. Do 
yourself a favour and switch to a hosting provider that allows the 
necessary functions.
If it's for a development site or a not very large website you can have 
a vps for around EUR 10 / month with Dutch providers. With those servers 
you have to do the maintenance yourself, but that is not hard and at 
least you have all the freedom in the world to allow functions.
There are also plenty of TYPO3 hosting providers in Europe who provide 
pre-installed TYPO3 systems and take care of upgrades for you.

Jigal van Hemert
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