[TYPO3-english] linkvalidator: faulty link not recognised

Jigal van Hemert jigal.van.hemert at typo3.org
Sun Mar 15 22:38:27 CET 2015


On 15/03/2015 20:18, Dennis Hoffland wrote:
> Could you please take a look at my post of March 1? As I described there
> I used a standard Text content element.

Sorry, I missed that.

>> It's not a setting an "average user" can adjust, but the author of the
>> extension can add the softref setting. If the (correct) softref
>> setting is missing, then it's certainly not a but in linkvalidator.
> Unless I have the wrong perspective on this, should the softref setting
> not be correct for standard content elements?

I just checked the TCA:
$TCA['tt_content']['columns']['bodytext']['config']['softref'] = 

In the RTE of a text content element I entered the same URL as in your 
post and it generated:
<div class="span12"><p class="bodytext"><a 
href="http://www.norealwebsite.nl/" title="Opens external link in new 
window" target="_blank" class="external-link-new-window">Broken 

Next: Info > Linkvalidator > Selected 'Home' page > tab Check Links > 
all types, 3 levels deep > button Check links.
On the Report tab it shows:

Listing of broken links
Path 	Element 	Link 	URL / Link Target 	Error message 	Last check 	
/Home/Development/Translate test/ 	Broken link (Field: Text) 	Broken 
link 	http://www.norealwebsite.nl/ 	Exception: Unable to connect to 
tcp://www.norealwebsite.nl:80. Error: php_network_getaddresses: 
getaddrinfo failed: No such host is known. 	15-03-15 22:31 	

At the moment I can't reproduce the issue.

Jigal van Hemert
TYPO3 CMS Active Contributor

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