[TYPO3-english] YAG Feature: include (youtube) videos

Ralf Merz info at merzilla.de
Fri Mar 13 11:40:34 CET 2015


i want to ask if it is possible with YAG to include youtube videos into an album?
So maybe, let´s say an album has 10 items, and nr 7 is a youtube video. The given information could be the youtube embed-code.

In this older documentation (v.2.5.3) (i´m not yet allowed to post the link) there is:
Album holds a set of images, which we call items in YAG (we call it items, because that could be other things except images, like videos etc.).

So can you please help me and tell if it would be possible to integrate videos?

Thank you very much and greets,


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