[TYPO3-english] Cooluri RSS link and 404 handling

Zeljko Debeljuh zeljko.debeljuh at vu.t-com.hr
Sat Mar 7 17:30:38 CET 2015

Thanks Jan,

I will try what you said. Similar thing is with page 404 (hidden in 
menu), so nothing is generated until direct access to that page.

On 6.3.2015. 8:20, Jan Bednarik wrote:
> Hi,
> the way CoolUri works is that it generates links when typolink() is
> called and stores it into cache. When you delete the cache, there is no
> link present, so nothing will work, until you visit you homepage which
> will generate you links to pages and stuff and so put it into cache.
> You could e.g. add link to the feed to your homepage somewhere, or
> header as <link> tag. But be sure to generate it with typolink.
> Regards
> Jan

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