[TYPO3-english] Small but annoying problem in multilingual site

bernd wilke t3ng at bernd-wilke.net
Thu Mar 5 09:55:31 CET 2015

Am 05.03.15 um 00:18 schrieb Nico Deblauwe:
> Hi Loek,
>>> 2. Do you have a
>> config.linkVars = L(0-1) or similar which could block your new L value?
> ​This did the trick!​ I completely overlooked this. Thank you very much.
> Now I'm continuing to think: if I (hypothetically) would want to force a
> certain section of a site to be in a certain language (e.g. NL, so number 2
> in my example), would the following be a good way to deal with it?
> [PIDinRootline=75,76]
> ​config.linkVars = L(2)​
> ​[global]​

I don't think that this will work at all.
it will reduce all links on these two pages to include a 
languageselector for lang 2.
also it will NOT force a langaugeselector of 2 for these two pages.

> ​Or are there better solutions?

maybe this will work:
have a special TS for those two pages:
redefine the language assignments so NL will be the dafault language.
have a fallback for other languages to default.
so you will get:
content of these pages is in NL only.
all links to these pages will stay within language, but will show a page 
in dutch. on leaving these pages you will resume your old language.


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