[TYPO3-english] 404 error on subpage of disabled page

Muriel le Pair typo3 at strangefruit.nl
Wed Mar 4 09:54:58 CET 2015

Klaus Hörmann schreef op 04-03-15 om 09:30:
> I have a page with subpages. When I disable the page, I get a "PREVIEW"
> message in the frontend. The subpages still can be view normally,
> without a "PREVIEW" message. I would like to check the page option
> "Extend to subpages" to also disable all subpages, resulting in a
> "PREVIEW" message in the frontend for these.
> When I do this the page is shown with "PREVIEW" in the frontend. But the
> subpages result in a 404 error.
> I disabled realurl, and tried accessing the pages using page id only,
> still the same error.
> Any hints on how I could achive this?

Hi Klaus,

This is probably triggered by a very strange behaviour in the BE: if you 
click on view on the left you will see a preview of the page you select. 
But if you then click on a link in the previewed page you will leave the 
preview mode (without TYPO3 telling you) what will result in a 404 error 
because the page is not visible for normal users.
The same go's for news records.

This can easily be solved by enabling showHiddenPages:

admPanel {
    enable {
    	edit = 1
       	preview = 1
       	preview {
            showHiddenPages = 1
        	   showHiddenRecords = 1

kind regards,

Muriel le Pair

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