[TYPO3-english] The given subject was NULL - addAction(\Tx_RoqNewsevent_Domain_Model_Event

Vikram Mandal vikram at fivee.in
Sun Mar 1 06:27:41 CET 2015


I am getting validation error "The given subject was NULL" in my add and 
create actions. I am trying to create Tx_RoqNewsevent_Domain_Model_Event 
records in frontend uisng Typo3 7.1

I am clueless about this error.

I resolved this error in edit and update action by adding
@validate NotEmpty

But this solution does not works in add and create actions.

	 * action update
	 * @param Tx_RoqNewsevent_Domain_Model_Event $eventItem
	 * @validate NotEmpty
	public function updateAction(\Tx_RoqNewsevent_Domain_Model_Event 
$eventItem) {

Does not work:
	 * @param Tx_RoqNewsevent_Domain_Model_Event $eventItem
	 * @validate NotEmpty
	public function addAction(\Tx_RoqNewsevent_Domain_Model_Event 
$eventItem = NULL)

Vikram Mandal

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