[TYPO3-english] Should i use typo3 cms to create an intranet?

Markus Klein markus.klein at typo3.org
Fri Jul 10 16:21:20 CEST 2015


There are actually intranets built with TYPO3. ;-)

In your case I would even recommend not using the FE at all, but doing this stuff via BE.
For FE you would need to develop all that on your own, but CRUD is working flawlessly in BE out of the box.

Generally it depends a bit what you understand under those terms, especially "file management" can have a wide range of facets.
For instance, we use Seafile for all files internally, it's free as well, and you also have Wiki and stuff there if you need it.
We're also using Dokuwiki for several years now and it works quite good.

So it is up to you if you want that all centrally in a single application, or if you want to separate things.

An integrated, but not free, option would be to use all the Attlassian products, which of course integrate just great.
We're using JIRA here, for instance.

So, yes, you can actually build all your requirements with TYPO3 CMS, but you should consider if it's worth the work to write things "from scratch".

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> Good evening,
>     I would like to know if choosing Typo3 CMS 6.2 (extbase,fluid) is a good
> choice to create an intranet for my company:
> requirement:
>         Access all functionality from the front-end (only me the admin will have
> access to the backend):
> - employees management (create, edit, update, ..)
> - gallery display ( add pictures, edit , delete..)
> - file management (upload files, download , edit , delete)
> - article management(create,edit,..)
> Please could someone advice me if Typo3 has the means for me to start
> creating the intranet, or do you think i should look at other possiblities
> framework/cms ..??
> Thank you.
> (ps: i'm totally a beginner with Typo3, i just have integrated a website to
> typo3)
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