[TYPO3-english] favicon handling

rsbrux rsbrux at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 7 12:49:09 CEST 2015

I have pointed page.shortcutIcon in my base template to a 16x16 favicon.ico file, which I have also included in my root directory.
My root directory also includes:

apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png (180x180)
favicon-152.png (152x152)

based on advice found on these pages:

This permits the chosen icon to appear in Firefox and on my iPad, but not on my Samsung Note 4.
The above referenced pages also suggest adding some HTML to the <head> of the page, but I thought we were not supposed to directly create/edit HTML in Typo3.  Furthermore, I have no idea where to include the recommended HTML in our Typo3 installation.

Please give me a hint, how to proceed.

Typo3 4.5.18 - 4.5.29
PHP 5.3
mySQL 5.5 x64
Windows 8 x64

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