[TYPO3-english] No Pagetree [7.3.1 and 6.2.14]

Iterro Neuka webmaster at neuka.eu
Fri Jul 3 16:42:55 CEST 2015

I would like to try out typo3 on my local system (Apache 2.4.12, PHP 5.6)

At first i download 7.3.1 and install It without problems.
But in the backend there isnt a pagetree

I tried to install "The official Introduction Package" but this returns: No file found for given UID:384
If i click on view i can see a template, but the pagetree is empty.

I have cleaned temp files, redownload and reinstalled with both (7.3.1 and 6.2.14)

I cant find the reason why this happend.

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