[TYPO3-english] Install using Oracle

Jigal van Hemert jigal.van.hemert at typo3.org
Wed Jan 28 10:47:46 CET 2015


On 27/01/2015 08:46, Hans Wolf wrote:
> are the new versions still supporting an Oracle database (11g)? The
> install guide in the wiki (wiki.typo3.org/Oracle) can not be used for 7
> or 6.2.9.

DBAL (which supports Oracle) should still work in 6.2/7. There are not 
many people who actually use anything else but MySQL (or the drop-in 
replacement MariaDB), so there can easily be bugs which haven't been 
reported yet.

> I'm also having problems installing 4.5.39 with Oracle. I get a Database
> Error for tslib, although the connection  works and some typo3 tables
> were created.

What is the actual error that is produced? If it's only the "Oops, an 
error occurred" type of error message you could activate more verbose 
error messages by setting the display errors options in the Install Tool.
These issues for 4.5 will most likely not be fixed anymore because 4.5 
has only a few months of support left.

Jigal van Hemert
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