[TYPO3-english] ExtBase - hidden parent causes translation not to be displayed

Stephan Schuler Stephan.Schuler at netlogix.de
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Hey there.

Your thread title doesn't describe a bug but the desired heavior.
The actual bug is the translation being shown in the list view. That's a bug because that is not what TYPO3 translation is meant to be.

So try to figure out why your list view is showing that translation and solve that one.

I know that record fetching by QOM doesn't go straight that line but the resulting SQL query should be like:
"SELECT * FROM table WHERE l10n_parent = 0 AND deleted != 0 AND sys_language_ui IN (0, -1, $currentFrontendLanguage)".
After that the translation overlay is done if possible.

My list views don't show disabled records.
Would you please name your TYPO3 version number and describe your query settings configuration?


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I have a multilanguage site with custom ExtBase extension. There's a
problem when item in default language is hidden. The translation is then
shown in list view, but show view throws:

#1297759968: Exception while property mapping at property path "":Object
with identity "1176" not found. (More information)

1176 is ID of the default language item.

Is there a solution to it? Googling didn't revelal anything else than
that it's a bug.


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