[TYPO3-english] Typo3 or Java ? Developing a homepage for psychoteraphy

Mark Boland mark.boland at boland.de
Thu Jan 22 17:27:44 CET 2015

Hi im db,

you could try Magnolia [1]. It runs on Tomcat/JBoss (and others). There is 
a Community Edition as well a subscription based Enterprise Edition.

[1] http://www.magnolia-cms.com

Best regards

Mark Boland

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Am 22.01.15 15:45 schrieb "Jan Bednarik" unter <info at bednarik.org>:

>I doubt that you will find one so advanced like TYPO3. You have bunch of 
>Java frameworks like Wicket, Spring etc. but it's not CMS you are 
>looking for. So if you want to implement your own CMS in Java then you 
>can do, but don't expect to find anything ready to use.
>Dne 22. 1. 2015 v 12:43 im db napsal(a):
>> Thank you so much Jan,
>> but the point is that im mainly interested in Java, perhaps a java CMS
>> is a better choice for me.
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