[TYPO3-english] Newbie on Typo3 & need some help.

Kamlesh Patel kamlesh.patel at infobeans.com
Fri Jan 16 11:26:58 CET 2015


I am new in typo3 and facing some problem in development. I am linux (Ubuntu User). I have install typo3 and create content also, implement a template in typo3.

But now I am facing some problem:

 How can we Display list of similar content ( Like List of articles ) in typo3 and when new content will add is same content type then that will append to same content list ?

How can I create my Custom Theme in typo3 and Where I should put these files. (I think in "root/fileadmin" directory) ?

How can I create Extension and Where I should put these files. also in "root/fileadmin" ?

I have isntalled the news extension but it's not working on my template.

Please help advise me.

Thanks in Advance,
-Kamlesh Patel

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