[TYPO3-english] Extra Body Content for Default Mail Form

Scotty C superscotty19 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 14 07:02:44 CET 2015

Hi everyone,
I need to be able to add extra content to an email message created from the default mail form plugin. I've went through the documentation and there seems to be a field for everything *but* body: http://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/TyposcriptReference/ContentObjects/Form/Index.html
Ideally, I'd like to be able to do something like the body line at the end of this pseudocode:
Name: | *name=input | [Enter name]Message: | message=textarea,40,4| submit=submit | Submit| body=hidden | Hello! The following information was sent from your website:
I know there's much more/better alternatives to do what I'm asking (like Powermail) but simplicity is paramount in this case, so I am leaning toward the default form plugin.
As always, anything you can add is greatly appreciated.

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