[TYPO3-english] workaround-solution - Re: 12 image columns to bootstrap site

Katja Lampela katja.lampela at lieska.net
Sat Jan 10 08:34:45 CET 2015


9.1.2015, 9.02, Katja Lampela kirjoitti:
> Now in my installation there was originally 1-8 columns to choose from,
> but the columns 5,7,8 aren't really working. It seems their rendering is
> not defined (somewhere?) because the default wrap is added to them:
> tt_content.image.20.addClassesCol.override.cObject.10.default.value =
> col-md-12

I found a solution that works ok. I changed this default value to my own 
class and I can assign with css any width to the image columns that are 
5,7-12 now.

Kind regards,
Katja Lampela

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