[TYPO3-english] Which scheduler cleanup tasks do you set up?

Urs Braem info at ursbraem.ch
Fri Jan 9 22:45:16 CET 2015

The scheduler in 6.2 offers a bunch of cleanup tasks that sound good, but I'm not sure which ones I should set up on my sites to run regularly.
So, how do you do it, which of these do you run, say, nightly?

Caching framework garbage collection
This task calls the garbage collection of configured caching framework caches which use one of the selected backends. This will free some space in cache backends which do not have an internal garbage collection. In case of the default database backend it is advisable to run this task once a day when the database is mostly idle

File Abstraction Layer: Update storage index
Updates the Index/Cache Data of a Storage; only needed if changes to the storage are possible outside the backend (FTP, RemoteStorages).

File Abstraction Layer: Extract metadata in storage
Extracts metadata for all files in storage which have been changed since last run

Fileadmin garbage collection
This task empties all "_recycler_" folders below fileadmin. This helps free some space in the file system

Table garbage collection
Task to delete old entries from specific tables like sys_log. Use $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['SC_OPTIONS']['scheduler']['tasks']['tx_scheduler_TableGarbageCollection']['options']['tables'] to configure tables. Refer to the manual for more details

and, obsolete,
[OBSOLETE] File Abstraction Layer: Indexing job
Runs indexing tasks based on an indexing configuration and a storage/folder information."

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