[TYPO3-english] Images in Advanced Frontend Editing - TYPO3 6.2

Scotty C superscotty19 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 8 07:43:49 CET 2015

The problem is tied to the image's metadata. Specifically, whenever a change is made to the image, the frontend editor automatically activates the title override and description override checkboxes. Obviously, the solution would be uncheck them, however, they're not visible in frontend and I must be able to do everything from the frontend.
Is there a way to either access the checkboxes from the frontend editor or even better prevent the editor from checking the fields?-S.

      From: Scotty C <superscotty19 at yahoo.com>
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 Sent: Thursday, January 8, 2015 12:36 AM
 Subject: Images in Advanced Frontend Editing - TYPO3 6.2
Hi everyone,
I think there may be another glitch in T3 6.2, but I'm not certain so I wanted to check with you. 
I've got Advanced Fronted Editing installed and when I use it, the RTE and everything works great. However, changes to images do not save? For example, if I do anything to the image(s) in a text with media element, the editor doesn't not commit the changes upon save or save & close.
Also, in the case of elements created in the backend that do have images, if I do anything to the element and save, then the word "Array" appears above the image.
Any feedback you may have is greatly appreciated,-Scott.


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