[TYPO3-english] Images in Advanced Frontend Editing - TYPO3 6.2

Scotty C superscotty19 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 8 07:36:21 CET 2015

Hi everyone,
I think there may be another glitch in T3 6.2, but I'm not certain so I wanted to check with you. 
I've got Advanced Fronted Editing installed and when I use it, the RTE and everything works great. However, changes to images do not save? For example, if I do anything to the image(s) in a text with media element, the editor doesn't not commit the changes upon save or save & close.
Also, in the case of elements created in the backend that do have images, if I do anything to the element and save, then the word "Array" appears above the image.
Any feedback you may have is greatly appreciated,-Scott.

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