[TYPO3-english] Re: [TYPO3 6.2] Automaticaly extract metadata from images

Daniel Davis dan at danizen.net
Wed Jan 7 18:16:53 CET 2015

I have no direct experience, but I'm currently working on this issue myself.    extractor is a bridge to meta-data extraction.   So, it will not work without a meta-data extractor.   svmetaextract is the most likely to work on commodity hosting, because it does not require Java.

svmetaextract uses command-line tools, and so these need to be installed:


On CentOS 6.5, 
 - pdfinfo is part of poppler-utils and available in the CentOS base repository.
 - exiftool is part of perl package Image::ExifTool.   So, it can be installed from CPAN, but is also part of rpm package perl-Image-ExifTool in EPEL repository.

I'll post back when I get these working, BTW.   I'm waiting for the "system" people to install the CentOS packages I mention above.
Daniel Davis, Systems/Applications Architect (Contractor),
Office of Computer and Communications Systems, National Library of Medicine, NIH

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