[TYPO3-english] Re: Powermail (powermail) on multilanguage site

Dennis Hoffland d.o.hoffland at tele2.nl
Tue Jan 6 00:00:46 CET 2015

Hello Adriaan,

I made a copy of the de.locallang.xlf file and renamed it nl.locallang.xlf (I also want to include Dutch error messages). In this file I changed 




Furthermore I translated the messages to Dutch:

<target state="translated">My Dutch translation</target>

Next, I uploaded the file to the typo3conf/ext/powermail/resources/private/language folder.

However, so far no effect ...

Even when I changed some messages in the default language file locallang.xlf these changes seem to be ignored! Clearing the cache doesn't make things better ...

Do you use Powermail 2.1.11? On TYPO 6.2.9?

How did you implement the forms for different languages? I created two forms: one to use exclusively for English (=default), and another to use just for Dutch. I tried using the same form for both languages (by simply copying the content element (Powermail plugin) from English to Dutch), but the field labels only got translated in one language (whatever I entered last).

Are there perhaps other settings I should take a look at (Typoscripts setup/constants, configuration of the form (plugin content element)?

Kind regards,


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