[TYPO3-english] How to pass a parameter through a whole TYPO3 site in 4.5 respecting caching?

Jan Kornblum jan.kornblum at gmx.de
Thu Nov 28 11:23:30 CET 2013

> Then I think linkvars is all that is required
> That passes on these links.

Yes, but the disadvantage is, this only works together with no_cache=1:

config.linkVars = L, myParam
[globalVar = GP:myParam > 0 ]
page.config.no_cache = 1

Can you confirm that this is the only solution for 4.5? Or is there any 
other possibility to get "myParam" work similar to the "L" (Language) 
param (which works without no_cache=1)?

I believe, with 4.7 + and the available installtool options 
"cHashRequiredParameters", "cHashOnlyForParameters" or 
"cHashExcludedParametersIfEmpty" this is possible. But without theese 
options as in 4.5 it isn't. Am i right with this?

> I use that with google analytics tracking variables across several sites that 
> I run so that I can see if someone goes from one of our sites to another 
> after clicking on a link in an email.

...are this 4.5 sites? Then you certainly use the no_cache condition as 
above, don't you?

Regards, Jan

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