[TYPO3-english] ext_tables TCA/ctr/thumbnail = 1

Christian Tauscher christian.tauscher at media-distillery.de
Thu Nov 28 10:35:10 CET 2013

Good morning,

I have writte a little extbase-EXT.
In List module I would like to have to associated image file shown as a
thumbnail, but my attempt does not show this image in BE/List-Module.


$TCA['tx_kunst_domain_model_image'] = array(
	'ctrl' => array(
		'title'	=> 'Titel',
		'dividers2tabs' => TRUE,
		'thumbnail' => 'file',

this is  Configuration/TCA/image.php:
'file' => array(
	'exclude' => 0,
	'l10n_mode' => 'exclude',
	'label' => 'titel',
	'config' => array(
		'type' => 'group',
		'internal_type' => 'file',
		'uploadfolder' => 'uploads/tx_kunst',
		'show_thumbs' => 1,
		'size' => 1,

You see, there is no FAL support jet, the images are still stored in
uploads-folder (wich ist perfect for this EXT since it handles 4000+
Images, indexing this would be a horror for the server).

I guess this might be the reason why the images are nor rendert, while
tt_content-images are.

Maybe there is a TCA-config option/switch to enable this in my case.
Maybe I have configured my TCA wrong,
Maybe this feature was dropped,
Maybe maybe maybe....

Thank you for your help,


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