[TYPO3-english] strange error (503) - Intropackage twitter bootstrap

Alessandro Tuveri at at uniud.it
Thu Nov 28 10:39:38 CET 2013

Hi folks
on my server I installed 3 sites with Intro Package twbootstrap, all  
with a common source area.
All works fine but one of the sites some days ago was beginning to  
give this error (typical pink window of TYPO3). This happens only when  
I attempt to connect directly to the home page (i.e. typing   
It doesn't happens if I write the uid of the page (ie. typing  
www.mydomain.it/index.php?id=1) nor if I ask for a subpage, doesn't  
matter if the page requested have or not the format of realurl.

The error is:

Service Unavailable (503)

No TypoScript template found!

More information regarding this error might be available online.

Ok. I spent some hours to resolve and discovered that:

* the domain was not defined. I don't know exactly in the domain  
record is necessary to run the site malfunctioning. Note: the other  
sites doesn't have this record set and there was not problem!

* entering in BE mode all works fine. All the subpages are viewable  
and the same occurs for the main page (UID: 1). Preview of the main  
page is OK, this becase TYPO3 compose the link with the segment:  

* if I ask for the page OUTSIDE BE the error is displayed only for the  
main page. (?)

This morning I tried to hide the domain and the error occurs; when I  
switch to unhide the record the error disappears.

Any Idea?

thank you

Quoting bernd wilke <t3ng at bernd-wilke.net>:

> Am 27.11.13 18:03, schrieb elim qiu:
>> Thanks a lot Bernd Wilke for the info! I still have a  12.04 backup.
>> I'll restore it and learn typo3 from there.
> I don't think that your problem is the ubuntu version, but  
> eaccellarator at all. try to remove eaccellerator, install xcache  
> from repository.
> bernd
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