[TYPO3-english] Scheduler: task never ends

Jigal van Hemert jigal.van.hemert at typo3.org
Wed Nov 27 15:03:04 CET 2013


On 25-11-2013 17:00, Gregory Loichot wrote:
> I'm working on a TYPO3 4.5.27 and I configured a task in the Scheduler.
> I also configured the cron :
> */2 * * * * /var/www/typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh scheduler
> My problem. When I run the task manually, all is good. When I choose
> "recurring" execution the task runs but never ends (state "currently
> running").
> Do you have any ideas about that?

If you run the task from the backend then the task runs with your 
backend user which is an admin user. If the task is run from the cron 
job the user cli_scheduler is used and may be that user doesn't have the 
necessary rights (table modifications, etcetera).

Also the cron job itself may be run by a different user than the apache 
user. Maybe there are problems with that actions the task has to 
perform? (file system, running system commands)

On some systems there is a different php.ini for the command line than 
for the web server.

The state "currently running" can also happen if the process actually 
ended with a problem but somehow the process didn't report anything 
back. The scheduler has no idea what happened and can only conlcude that 
it's still running.

Look at the error logs on the server, check if error reporting is 
enabled for the cli interface.

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