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Thanks for the information. Can you please give me an example of how can I add it in to tt_news in my function?

In my function, just took the language value from the URL and process the HTML based on that. So how can I fix this problem 
for tt_news in my function.


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Subject: Re: [TYPO3-english] no news_id given tt_news single view


> includeLibs.user_test = fileadmin/templates/user_test.php 
> lib.langmenu = USER
> lib.langmenu {
>     userFunc = user_test->user_myFunc
>     value = 0
> }
> This is worked in frontend for normal contents. But in tt_news single content, wen I translate language, it
> displayed "no news_id given" message.
> I know in typoscript language menu "addQueryString" solves this problem.


> But in user function language menu, how can I solve this. Is the "addQueryString" work with user function?

As you see in the TypoScript reference [1], USER does not know what to
do with "addQueryString". However "addQueryString" is a standard
property of typolink [2], so you should simply define it in your user
function or, if you don't use typolink internally (which is bad btw),
mimic its behavior.

Kind regards


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