[TYPO3-english] Need typoscript help

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Mon Nov 25 11:41:36 CET 2013


I've a main menu typoscript,

lib.mainmenu = HMENU
lib.mainmenu.special = directory
lib.mainmenu.special.value = 4
lib.mainmenu.1 = TMENU
     wrap = <ul>|</ul>
     NO {
    stdWrap.htmlSpecialChars = 1
    allWrap = <li>|</li>|*|<li>|</li>|*|<li class="last">|</li>


This is working. But my requirement is, I need to wrap a <span> tag inside the <li> tag if subpage of that page exists.
For example, I've 3 pages and the second page has subpages, then the html should be,

<a>Test 1</a>
<a>Test 2</a>
<li class="last">
<a>Test 3</a>

Here I 've subpages for Test 2 page. In this case I need to place a span stag inside that <li>.

I've tried some configurations based on this tutorial http://typo3.org/documentation/snippets/sd/219/, but not working.

Please help, Thanks.
Arun Chandran

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