[TYPO3-english] how do I add L=0 variable to default language link in language menu?

radu ro radu.istoc at finea.ro
Thu Nov 21 21:30:44 CET 2013


I have 3 languages on mysite.com, de|ro|en in frontend. I want when click on language menu on Default (de) menu to take me to mysite.com/de and not simply mysite.com. Or somehow to add /de/ in url, or /L=0.  I want this becouse the site-s default lang must be EN now. So i redirected domain to mysite.com/en, but when i click on DE flag takes me to  mysite.com/en.

And as i know, there is no simple way to switch default language to other when site finished in typo3...

The menu is like this 
15 = HMENU
	15 {
	  special = language
	  special.value = 0,2,1
	  addQueryString = 1
	  1 = GMENU
	  1.NO {
		XY = 33,22
		5 = IMAGE
		5.file = typo3temp/menu/de.gif || typo3temp/menu/ro.gif || typo3temp/menu/en.gif
		wrap = <span class="language-menu ym-hlist"> | </span>  

Thank you!

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