[TYPO3-english] Run PHP code

bernd wilke t3ng at bernd-wilke.net
Wed Nov 20 14:51:25 CET 2013

Am 20.11.13 12:21, schrieb Mike Kane:

> Hi Bernd, once again thank you for your time.
>> substring(...,15,10) ???
>> do you really know that your usergroup is identified with only one char?
>> substring is no good solution! you can't avoid a split at the splitchars
> I only use SUBSTRING to find the last part of
> "tx_itypoexpiringfegroups_groups" without the asterisk, where the
> expiration date is stored...

the start of teh substring is 15 which is based on the consition that 
the usergroup has a 1 character id (which is given only for teh groups 1 
to 9), furtehr usergroups (10 and higher) would need a start at 16 (or 

>> there is another one which works in another way: timed_ugs
> The problem with timed_ugs is the same with itypoexpiringfegroups, after
> the expiration date the user returns to the previous usergroup, which in
> this case is "Inactive", and i need to put them in another usergroup
> after the expiration date, which is "Expired".
> This is the main objecive of this script, after the expiration date i
> need users to be putten in another usergroup (non-timed), and what this
> extensions do is to put the users in same usergroup that they were
> before the timed usergroup

no. timed_ugs enables exact this problem:
you could assign every user to 'static' usergroups, which never will change.
_additional_ your users can be assigned to other groups where a 
membership can be time restricted.

the idea for this extension was to have a base-membership with features 
every user can use.
and a premium-membership which enhances the features for the user.
in this way the premium-membership can expire without disabling the user 
complete, like it was neccessary with the build in fe_users (you could 
only expire the complete user, or a complete group)

the different behaviour of the features must be programmed/configured in 
these features.
e.g. if premium-user then the user can write 100 mails/ a base user can 
only write 10 mails, premium: access all forums/ base: only 3 forums, ...


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