[TYPO3-english] [Directmail] Problem with Invoker Mailer Engine

Salander luc.berro at epitech.eu
Wed Nov 20 10:15:23 CET 2013

HI everyone,

Firstly I'm crap at english, I hope you'll understand.

I would like to use direct_mail to send emails when subscriptions are ending (for premium users).
I understand how to create a recipient list with a special querry, so this part works fine.

The problem is that I don't want to create EVERYTIME the E-mail I must send (My boss wants to send it every week or so.. ), 
that's why I saved the type-mail as "draft" to use it with tx_scheduler.

Now, about tx_scheduler: When I use tx_scheduler, I create a task "create from draft", I choose the draft and I activate the task manually. (no cron-job )

Then I go to direct_mail, I invoke mailer engine.

>Mailer Engine Invoked!Log:
>Invoked at 10:00:07 13-11-2013
>sys_dmail record 18, 'ahbon'processed...
>Job No: 18 Job begin: Job begin: 13-11-13 10:00:07
>Sending 7 mails using records from table fe_users
>Job No: 18 Job end: Job end: 13-11-13 10:00:08
>Ending, parsetime: 1140 ms

And here is the problem: The mails are not sent when I use this method. And I want them to be sent.

BUT If I don't use tx_scheduler,( like if I create the plan text manually and send it to the recipient list ) it works like a charm.

Could you help with this issue? 
Oh, and I want to do everything manually, not automaticaly (cron-job & stuff). I just don't want to create the e-mail everytime.

Thanks for your precious help.


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