[TYPO3-english] Displaying the same "Insert Record" element more than once on one page

Alexander Rothmund alexander at rothmund.ch
Tue Nov 19 10:16:04 CET 2013

Hi guys!

First and foremost, I hope this is the right list as I am still new to
posting on the TYPO3 mailing lists. If not, please direct me to the correct
one. ;-)

Now, the problem that recently popped up for me is the following. Note that
we are using 4.5, in case that matters at all. I haven't yet been able to
test this issue on a 6.x installation.

We have a custom plugin which renders all the subpages of the page on which
it is put on as tabs. More specifically, it renders every column on the
subpages, so the backend layout chosen for the subpage can be represented
in those tabs.

Now, for normal content, this works perfectly. However, in several layouts,
one column gets slided. In some cases, the slided element is an "Insert
Record"-element. This is when the problem arises.

The "Insert Record"-element only gets rendered the first time.

I have reproduced this issue in a clean 4.5 introduction package
installation, I have put a text element as well as an insert record element
on a page, and added the following TS to the template:

page {
20 {
    table = tt_content
    select {
      pidInList = 73
30 < .20

Now, on the bottom of the page, the text element is shown twice, but the
insert record element is only shown once!

I have been tracking this bug down for close to a day now, digging deep
inside the typo3 core. I have come to assume it is related to built in
protection discussed in http://forge.typo3.org/issues/28745 and
http://forge.typo3.org/issues/20541, however, I am not nesting CONTENT
elements. Is this happening anyways because of how insert records work?

I currently am at a loss on how to get this to work.

What I am looking for is a workaround that I can apply without changing any
of the typo3 core / tslib files which gets the Insert Record element to
display every time and not just the first time.

Is this a known issue? Is there already a workaround known for this?


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