[TYPO3-english] Configuration options shown in the install tool

Jennifer Koenig jenka13all at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 16:04:05 CET 2013

In the install tool under "basic configuration", there are some notices about things you should change in order to optimise your system, for example max file size, mail program, and PHP script execution time.

I'm guessing that for the latter 2, these things should be changed in php.ini.  However, for max. file size, the install tool gives the recommendation:

"you can alter the TYPO3 defaults by the config option TYPO3_CONF_VARS[BE][maxFileSize].

WHERE can you alter these defaults?  In php.ini?  In LocalConfiguration.php?  If in the latter, where and how?  Because in the latter file, there is a giant array to be returned that does not seem to allow the inclusion of this line of code.

It would be great if this information was included in the install tool (or anywhere).

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