[TYPO3-english] "Server Error" on install page after creation of ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL

Jennifer Koenig jenka13all at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 15:47:48 CET 2013

I've set up all the prerequisites for Typo3, downloaded it and unpacked it in my web root, and called the installation page.  As expected, it told me that the installation tool is locked and to create a blank file called ENABLE_INSTALL_TOOL without an extension.  I did this.  After doing this and refreshing the page, I simply get "Server Error".  Nothing more.  This is not helpful.  Could someone give me some tips as to where I could start exploring to find out more about what the error could be?  I've rechecked to make sure that the permissions on the folders are 755, that mod_rewrite is enabled, that no options are written in the apache configuration file, checked the _.htaccess file - I am at the end of my rope!

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