[TYPO3-english] xclassing tx_news

Tomasz Krawczyk tomkrawc at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 12:09:14 CET 2013

W dniu 2013-11-11 11:37, Xavier Perseguers pisze:
> Hi Tomasz,
>> How can I XClass tx_news?
> Exactly as with other extensions:
> http://docs.typo3.org/TYPO3/CoreApiReference/ApiOverview/Xclasses/Index.html
>> I'm currently working on moving tt_news to tx_news on TYPO3 4.5.
> If you tell us *what* you want to achieve instead of asking how to
> xclass, maybe you'll get better help.
> Regards
> Xavier

I want to xclass Tx_News_ViewHelpers_LinkViewHelper->render method. I 
need to do it with TYPO3 4.5.

In the document you posted there is TYPO3 6.x style XClassing. Ext News 
has no TYPO3 4.x style class endings.
I mean
if (defined('TYPO3_MODE') && 

I tried to put in my ext_localconf.php

= $extPath . 'ux_LinkViewHelper.php';

or with autoloading

= $extPath . 'ux_LinkViewHelper.php';

but it doesn't work.


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