[TYPO3-english] Image processing from typo3temp/ folder

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Mon Nov 11 10:31:29 CET 2013


Thanks for your hints.

Yes its worked with "$this->cObj->IMAGE($imconf);" code.
I've changed my code like this;

$imgTSConfig = array();
$imgTSConfig['file'] = fileadmin/templates/images/test.jpg;
$imgTSConfig['file.']['width'] = 100 . 'm';
$imgTSConfig['file.']['height'] = 100 . 'm';

return $this->cObj->IMAGE($imgTSConfig);

Thanks a lot..:)

With Regards,
Arun Chandran

Software Engineer
PIT Solutions Pvt Ltd.

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Subject: Re: [TYPO3-english] Image processing from typo3temp/ folder


> But my problem is, I need to load images from typo3temp folder.
> > When using <f:img> in fluid template, its rendered from typo3temp folder. But when I use <img> tag its not from there.
> This is a pibase extension and we can't use <f:img>.

if it's PI extension, then you should use cObj:

$imconf = Array('file'=>'fileadmin/images/whatever.jpg','file.'=>Array('maxW'=>100));
$imcode = $this->cObj->IMAGE($imconf);
echo $imcode; // <img src="typo3temp/...">


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