[TYPO3-english] tt_address, creating a frontend form?

Salander luc.berro at epitech.eu
Tue Nov 5 09:47:40 CET 2013


I'm crap at english, I hope you'll understand.

I have an SQL table specially created for tt_address. It's basically a list of place where celebretations are made, with their addres, their name, and some others informations. 
It takes a lot of work to write them manually one-by-one in the TYPO3 backend. 

So here's my question:
I would like to create a form that the frontend user can fulfil himself, and when it's done, maybe I would like to check what he did in backend or modify 1-2 things. The major idea is to lift me some painful works and let my users do most of it (without being painful for them, of course! I just want a simple form that they can fulfil).

 Is it possible to do something simple without creating a TYPO3 plugin? Maybe there is an extension that already exist or maybe I can do by HTML just like sr_feuser_register's form? ( you know with the ###value### )

Thanks for your kind help.



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