[TYPO3-english] formhandler on every page

jaco graaff jaco at spacexplorer.co.za
Tue Nov 5 09:43:36 CET 2013

there was this suggestion from Reinhard Führicht

Hi Jaco,

Try this:

lib.testForm < plugin.tx_formhandler_pi1
lib.testForm.usePredef = .formhandler-basic-ajax-submit


but I get:

An error has occurred!

as you can see in my example in a previous post

I tried it even with a simple content element like plain text and heading


I will have to do some debugging -

1. The formhandler might not have sufficient variables to display through 
typoscript - i will try to debug
2. Contentelements does not work via typoscript - might be some issue with 
using DCE or FED - or some other conflict

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