[TYPO3-english] formhandler on every page

jaco graaff jaco at spacexplorer.co.za
Mon Nov 4 22:40:27 CET 2013

Hi - thanks Jost,

this sounds like a good possible solution, I am investigating it...


- I am also trying to use http://qtip2.com/ and load the content element via 
ajax in a popup/tip when a user clicks on the contact-us icon - in this way 
the captcha does not get generated until the mail-form is loaded (extra 
overhead on server if the form is rendered by default on every page and just 
hidden) - and I could potentially handle all the steps via ajax in a modal 

I am still trying to configure formhandler to not redirect to a new page 
after the final step - which breaks the UX - I might be able to handle this 
with the tip-ajax combo


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