[TYPO3-english] convert <link> to html <a> tag

Jigal van Hemert jigal.van.hemert at typo3.org
Fri Mar 29 12:25:41 CET 2013


On 29-3-2013 11:09, Dawid Pacholczyk wrote:
> Hello,
>   TYPO3 keeps hyperlinks as <link http://target.loc - some more
> data>Label</link>
> I'm writing exporter of my content to the external system that isn't based
> on TYPO3 so I need to convert this link to normal <a
> href="target.loc">Label</a>
> How can I do this while exporting thata from BE module to xml or text file ?

The most reliable way to render content is to actually let the frontend 
render it.
If you're only interested in the content of an RTE field (such as the 
body text of a normal text content element) you could make a simple 
plugin that renders such a field. If you create a page type that has no 
other output (no head section, body, etc.) your BE module can simply 
call the frontend page and with some parameters tell it which content 
element it should render.

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