[TYPO3-english] v.6 and graphics

Tomasz Krawczyk tomkrawc at gmail.com
Tue Mar 19 17:33:14 CET 2013

Dear Core Developers,

I'm working on an extension imagickimg (image processing with PHP ext imagick). I would like to ask some questions about images processing.

There are classes LocalPreviewHelper, LocalCropScaleMaskHelper and LocalImageProcessor in TYPO3 v.6. All of them do some small things with images while similar methods are defined in GifBuilder and GraphicalFunctions.

Is it done deliberately?
What are plans for the image processing for the future?
While Gifbuilder extends GraphicalFunctions is it possible to join them in one class, in the future?

For me it would be an ideal situation when all image methods were located in one class. For Imagickimg I would just XClass it.


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