[TYPO3-english] Typoscript: How to to add the Page Title to the Header text of a Content Element?

Howard howard.klevansky at gmail.com
Sun Mar 17 20:29:12 CET 2013


What please is the complete Typoscript for adding the Page Title to the header text of a BE content element?

For example, in the BE, 10 pages each of a different country are created, with page titles of Country A, Country B etc
Each of these country pages has a Content Element with Header 'Green frogs'

Now, how would we automatically (with TS), add the Page Title to the content element header, thereby outputting content on each page to read something like 'Green frogs in Country A' and 'Green frogs in Country B' etc

Ideally, there would be a condition attached: Adding the Page Title would be conditional up a 'key word' in the text of the header. i.e, only certain Content Element headers would have the Page Title appended to their text.

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