[TYPO3-english] RealUrl issue with subdomain in Multi-Domains TYPO3 4.5.11

Guan Ming guanming.jgh at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 11:39:12 CET 2013

Hi, Everyone

I have TYPO3 4.5.11 (WEC Pack) installed

I have 3 domains configured to site on its BE. However, one of which is not
working as expected in terms of realurl

This non-working realurl domain is a subdomain, e.g. www.XYZ.com/sub/. with
following configuration

1. siteURL = http://www.XYZ.com/sub/
2. Domain Record: http://www.XYZ.com/sub/   (I tried http://www.XYZ.com/sub,
 NO last backslash, also not working)

At FE homepage, all the realurl links were generated correctly, e.g.
www.XYZ.com/sub/page1/,  however, after click the link, the page turns to
404 not found.

I checked module info->ID-to-Mapping, some links have record, some not. I
clear all the mapping records, logout BE, and on the FE, I enter sitemap
page, which contains all the page trees of the website. Then, I login BE,
check mapping records, all mapping generated, but FE still has the 404

HOWEVER, if I change the subdomain to something like,  "sub.XYZ.com",
 Everything at FE is working in a charm.

Can anyone know what is the issue underlie behind this?

Could it be sth to do with CPanel setting, because for "sub.XYZ.com",  I
have to set "sub.XYZ.com" to direct to folder /public_html/XYZ. But there
is no setting for www.XYZ.com/sub/


Guan Ming

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