[TYPO3-english] anchors in direct mail

A.O. van bruggen otto at webspinnerij.nl
Mon Mar 11 11:58:15 CET 2013

I am trying to integrate anchors in a newsletter sent with direct mail.
I read all kind of mails and articles but cannot solve this issue.

The anchor <a href="#top"> is not working because the baseURL causes a
The anchor gets the base url in front and will not work in a mail program.

Solution 1 was. 
config.baseURL = 0
Next problem is that #top is replaced by
http://www.domain.com/index.php?id=123#top when the newsletter is send.

Solution 2 was:
Replace the # by the &#35; in the url description. (<a href="&#35;top">)
Result is that anchors in the newsletter are rendered #top and working.

But now the images have no the baseurl and are not found.
Solution 3?

Or is here an other way?

Otto van Bruggen

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