[TYPO3-english] Still documentation problems

Thomas Skierlo pubtsk1 at pix-pro.eu
Fri Mar 8 10:00:39 CET 2013

Am 08.03.2013 09:54, schrieb Philipp Gampe:
> Hi Thomas Skierlo,
> Thomas Skierlo wrote:
>> My current problem is the table of contents. After finishing the
>> documentation I was trying to update the TOC. Everything looks ok,
>> except the introduction page, which shows the complete text (of that
>> page) within the TOC.
> Did you rescan the document (recreate TOC menu option)? Just updating the
> number might not help.

Well, I'm not quite sure. I followed the hints in the raw document. 
Moved into TOC, right-click, update directory (Verzeichnis aktualisieren).

> LibreOffice has some kind of style inspector. Make sure that your styles are
> set correctly.
> If you have many trouble, you should switch to reST - see the news
> extensions for an example.
> Best regards

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