[TYPO3-english] <a> tags with empty anchor text

Graham Knight graham.knight5 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 11:51:48 CET 2013


Occasionally some of our editors end up generating <a> tags with no anchor text. For example:

<a href="www.something.com"></a>. Normal TYPO3 processing renders these as:

<a href="www.something.com">www.something.com</a>

These empty <a> tags are not visible in the RTE unless HTML mode is selected - which is not something most of our editors are familiar with. Consequently they are mystified by the rendering and it is difficult for them to deal with the problem.

I think these empty tags arise when an editor modifies an existing link and the text they select does not exactly match the existing linked text - for example it includes a trailing space.

Ideally I would like to have these empty tags silently removed but I cannot see a way of doing this with TYPOScript. Can anyone suggest a solution?


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