[TYPO3-english] Rendering links with cObj->RECORDS inside eID script

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Hey there.

Using TSFE inside of an eID being against the eID concept is not completely true.

Have a look at tslib_eidtools::initFeUser.

This method creates a new TSFE object for just two reasons: Having a proper fe_user and having a valid TCA in place.
Of course it's not meant to do the whole page rendering. I guess that's the reason why both, the tslib_eidtools::getTSFE method is private static.

But with some workaround, you can just call tslib_eidtools::initFeUser and hook up into the TSFE initialization process to expose it anyway.

I just recently explained a bit on the german list. That's what I did. My task was not to have some TSFE initialization for rendering but to be able to access the gr_list and beUserLogin property of the tslib_fe object, because I needed some cache that relied on those. But in general that's no other then having the TSFE for everything else it's meant to do.

Here's what I used as an example:

And here is my note on the german list:

Just give it a try. Maybe you need to do some adjustment because I never tried my mechanism on 4.2. I know that it's working properly on 4.5.

But even more then suggesting you to not use eID to frontend rendering, I suggest you to update to at least 4.5. "Not an option" for being update is not an option itself, 4.2 is both, outdated, unsupported and unmaintained. So you might ask what to do on 4.2, and you might get answers, but you definitely will not get all the security fixes.

Kind regards,

Stephan Schuler


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Am 05.03.2013 18:01, schrieb Viktor Livakivskyi:
> Hi, Tobias.
> Since you're already trying to load lot of things in eID, it kills
> it's idea to be lightweight call, so you may better consider creating
> new PAGE object with some type (e.g. 101), which will serve you as
> handler of xml generation.

Hi Viktor,

thank you. I know that a new page type would have been better in this case. But as the rendering of links is the last bit missing I was hoping to find a solution that works with eriID.

Beste regards
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