[TYPO3-english] cache working as it wants to work not as expected

Dawid Pacholczyk dpacholczyk at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 08:50:41 CET 2013

Hello I have strange problem with cache (still). It works in a very strange
way. I'm using RealURL and this is example of my problem






As you can see I have here 5 url`s to same site but with diffrent params
and now in the source of my site I'm rendering parse time and cache

domain.loc/site/segment_1/section_1/ <-- cache OK. Time 200 ms

domain.loc/site/segment_1/section_2/ <-- no info about cache instance
(never, not even after 5th reloading of the page) time 2sec

domain.loc/site/segment_2/section_1/ <-- no info about cache instance

domain.loc/site/segment_2/section_2/ <-- cache OK. Time 150 ms

domain.loc/site/segment_2/section_3/ <-- cache OK. Time 170 ms

My problem is that same page is cached for some params and sometimes it is
not cached. Bigger problem is that that there is no pattern in params that
creates cache or not. Sometimes is as above, sometimes diffrent pages
aren`t cached and those witch wasn`t is. I can`t get the problem :/

Best regards,
Dawid Pacholczyk
Dawid Pacholczyk
tel: 502-054-334
gg: 5564051
skype: dpacholczyk
http://typo3blog.pl (only polish version at the moment)

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