[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 6.x caches and performance best practices for productive site

Krystian Szymukowicz k.szymukowicz at gmail.com
Sat Mar 2 15:39:05 CET 2013

W dniu 2013-02-28 11:20, Domi pisze:
> Hi Krystian
>> lib.header_menu_main = COA
>> lib.header_menu_main.stdWrap.cache.key = header_menu_main_desktop
>> lib.header_menu_main.stdWrap.cache.lifetime = 0
>> lib.header_menu_main {
>>      10 = HMENU
> This is a very useful, I never used it. Will digg into it, lifetime
> setting to 0 means, it never ends, or better say, only ends on cacheclear?

Yes. On clearcache. If you have the same dropdoen menu for the whole 
website then you need to clear cache for whole webbache on menu change 
anyway. So lifetime = 0 is ok here.

> So I can use it for all my content blocks like:
> lib.contentMain = COA
> lib.contentMain.stdWrap.cache.key = content_main
> lib.contentMain.stdWrap.cache.key.lifetime = 0
> lib.contentMain.10 < styles.content.get
> How can I take care with cache on this elements? Because currently the
> caching is lighning fast already.

Maybe you did not get the point. Its about reusing the same elements 
that are generated on each page and are the same on each page.

styles.content.get is you content so it should be different on each 
page, right?

So good candidates for such caching are:
1) main menu
2) some kind of search forms that are usualy placed in header
3) footer menu
4) some top submenus
5) page logo

Krystian Szymukowicz

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