[TYPO3-english] TYPO3 6.2 which Extensions will still work?

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Multishop + TYPO3 6.X is on-hold because of this issue:


While the issue has been accepted by the development team it is never resolved.

We are waiting now for six months on this fix, but nobody seems to take it up.

I know that this issue is also giving problems for other 3rd party plugins.


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After Tolleiv announced that TemplaVoila will be discontinued we and customers are very worried! as most of our customers have Sites based on TemplaVoila and they are very happy with it as there is nothing similar which comes close to its usability for Content and Site Creators in the CMS universe!

What about tt_news - we read that his seems to be discontinued to or no more maintained properly. As it is pi based will it still work in TYPO3 6.2? I know that there are alternatives but they often don't have the flexibility like tt_news had when modifying tt_news for other purposes like presenting only news. Isn't tt_products based on it too?

What about cal another great extensions used in several sites? Will it be possible to upgrade from 4.5 LTS to 6.2 LTS without problems and bigger investments - Time and Bug Fixing?

What about real url? We realized during the last updates of the 6.* branch that it is always again and again breaking. Isn't it's coding similar to what we have in TemplaVoila in terms on how difficult it is to maintain.
Meanwhile we switched many sites again to cooluri which works much more consitantly in TYPO3 6.*

What about commerce - long time nobody seems to be talking anymore about it? Still existing and working in TYPO3 6.0!

What about Multishop - the best shop solution for TYPO3 and very very flexible but perhaps in the way of some developers too like TYPO3 as major fixes in the core don't take place to get it working in TYPO3 6.1

"TYPO3 Multishop version 3.0 is currently heavily under development. We expect to deliver the final version to the public in February 2013." since February no progress Why?

What about mm_forum - what alternatives can be used in 6.2?

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