[TYPO3-english] Shortcut with 301 option for shortlinks

d.ros projects at r-system.de
Mon Jul 29 19:11:00 CEST 2013

Am 29.07.2013 18:04, schrieb Tobias Liegl:
> Hi David,
>> That this can be set within realUrl and coolUri is a clear case but it´s
>> some kindo nogo option for an editor.
> why is it a No-Go to do it with realurl? The editor can do it directly
> in the TYPO3 backend inside the "Info" module. A little bit hidden, but
> if you know it, it's just a few clicks - also for editors. So what's the
> exact problem you have with it?
> Tobi

To be honest I do not run realUrl. And in coolUri this is only 
maintainable with a kind of own hidden submodule to manipulate the 
urlCache table. But it´s first visual quite unsexy and quite undhandy as 
these entries will get dropped as soon the urlCache table is dropped.

If you are talking about normal info module you cannot set a 301 
behaviour. You just can set a shortcut type. If you do this, your 
generated link will drectly point to the shortcut target, but this is 
not wanted behaviour. It shall point to the pages url and do then a 301 
redirect to the target page.



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